This is a matter of which Frutas Doce Mel has full understanding. We commercialize high-quality fruits, operating according to the BPA norms (Good Agricultural Practice) and the BPF (Good Fabrication Practices), within the international standard of environmental protection and social responsibility.
The plantation is programmed systemically, using 600 hectares (1482.63 acres) of irrigation, so that fruits are planted and harvested all year round, according to the production planning. This ensures that we have the product throughout the year in a uniform scale.
All stages of production are certified by the Global CAP and HACCP. By the same token, the process of packing house – in Mamanguape for papaya, pineapple and cassava; and in Mossoró for Formosa papaya, melons and watermelons – has the processing capacity of 20 tons of fruits per hour and follows the security, quality, hygiene, fabrication and environmental respect norms.
The Frutas Doce Mel papaya is electronically selected by last generation equipment. This process considers the papaya’s weight and color (ripening), making our company the first in Brazil to make use of such technology. The use of this machine reduces the manipulation of products during its processing and optimizes the conditioning of fruits in the boxes.

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