Frutas Doce Mel

A bit of history

The history of Frutas Doce Mel starts in the beginning of the 80s, when a producer called Roberto Cavalcanti started his activities as a rural producer in sugar cane plantations in the town of Mamanguape, approximately 60 km (37.3 miles) from João Pessoa, Paraíba’s capital. In the 90s the company began its fruit culture with papaya and pineapple, becoming one of the pioneers in irrigated agriculture within the state. Next to the fruit production, in the beginning of the 2000s the company expanded towards the distribution of vegetables and fruits, always keeping in mind the idea of making available the best products to wholesalers and retailers. Time and relentless work brought experience and success to Frutas Doce Mel, who never stopped investing in technology and research to perfect all of the business stages, from the production to the delivery of the product. The continuous enhancement of processes and the use of quality management techniques acknowledged worldwide have made Frutas Doce Mel a reference in both Brazilian and international markets. Today the company operates within four segments of the productive chain: production, distribution, logistics and importation/exportation. More than just making products available, Frutas Doce Mel delivers quality.



Strategic mainsprings

Our business:

Cultivation, beneficiation and commercialization of fruits and products for food, health and wellbeing for the society, through a profitable and dignified activity.

Our mission:

To please and guarantee to our clients high-quality products and services.

Our vision for the future:

  • To be a sustainable and profitable producer;
  • To have all production areas certified with good agricultural practices;
  • Benefit the fruits produced with the highest levels of quality.
  • Distribute and transport products that add value to the company.
  • To have a distribution system which is compatible with the client’s happiness, at the lowest cost and the least time-consuming;
  • To perfect commercialization of products, pursuing better profitability. To expand and amplify both internal and external markets;
  • To be a company with the best internal management conduct, always aiming at the wellbeing of clients, workers and suppliers.


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