Retailing distribution

Retailing distribution

The best supermarkets make it a point of selling our products. The Frutas Doce Mel stamp means more quality for your shelves because our logistics ensure that the product will arrive in a perfect state at its destination, a job done with care and technology. The company owns a fleet of refrigerated trucks that deliver fruits throughout Brazil. Thus, Doce Mel conquered the retailer’s respect and the end consumer’s attachment.


all we do happens with delivery

Moving 45 thousand tons of fruits annually, Frutas Doce Mel is one of the largest fruit distributors in Brazil. To reach this point, the company has always worked focusing on commitment and respect for the clients and consumers, bringing to them the best products in the best condition, no matter where they are. The company is specialized in dealing with supermarkets of the most varied sizes, with a complete mix of products and different number of orders. Therefore Frutas Doce Mel has its own truck fleet that delivers fruits throughout Brazil within the agreed deadline, with daily deliveries, attesting to our organization and quality. In order to guarantee the quality in long distance voyages, the fleet is constituted of modern refrigerated trucks, guaranteeing the products’ quality. To have its own logistics system ensures the quality on the supermarkets’ shelves and on the consumer’s table.


Distribution centers

In order to reinforce its supply chain, Frutas Doce Mel has 5 distribution centers placed in strategically located cities. Departing from them, the products produced and distributed by Frutas Doce Mel arrive swiftly all over the country. It is also from the distribution centers that shipments depart to the main harbors and airports of Brazil. Around 80% of exported products are made by airplane, yet another assurance of our quality. Frutas Doce Mel’s distribution centers compose an efficient distribution network, ensuring that the product will arrive in excellent consumption condition in its final destination.


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